On November 24, 2017, in commemoration of the 30th anniversary of the Montreal Protocol, the Protocol Secretariat and the Parties held an award ceremony for the protection of the ozone layer in Montreal, Canada, in recognition of the institutions and individuals that have made outstanding contributions to the protection of the ozone layer over the past 30 years. The Ministry of Environmental Protection of China and Moon Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. were awarded the "Leadership Award for Policy and Implementation of Ozone Layer Protection" and the "Demonstration Project Award for Ozone Layer Protection", respectively. The China Electrical Appliances Association was also awarded the "Partner Award for Ozone Layer Protection".

Since China's accession to the Montreal Protocol in 1991, under the management and guidance of the Ministry of Environmental Protection of China, the cumulative elimination of ODS has accounted for more than 50% of the total elimination in developing countries. The tasks and objectives of the first phase of HCFCs phase-out have been fulfilled ahead of schedule, and remarkable tribute has been made to the protection of the ozone layer. 

In China's industrial and commercial refrigeration industry, Moon Environment undertook the United Nations Development Technology Agency (UNDTA) Demonstration Project of Replacing HCFC-22 with NH3/CO2 Cascade Refrigeration System for Refrigeration and Refrigeration in May 2011 to explore the technical route for the development of HCFC-22 in China's refrigeration and refrigeration industry. Up to now, the Moon Environment has completed more than 130 IOC phases of engineering projects and more than 200 sets of CO2 refrigeration systems. NH3 and CO2 are selected as alternatives for the demonstration project of Moon Environment. HCFC-22 will be phased out directly to 250 tons, which can achieve 425,000 tons of CO2 equivalent greenhouse gas emission reduction. With the contribution and value of the demonstration project to the elimination of ozone-depleting substances and the reduction of greenhouse gases, Moon Environment won the "Ozone Layer Protection Demonstration Project Award"! As one of the five award-winning enterprises in the world, the demonstration project undertaken by Ice Wheel Environment has been successful in theoretical research, product development and system technology development, leading the development direction of the industry of environmental protection refrigerant substitution technology, and has achieved large-scale market applications in a short time, involving meat slaughtering, aquatic processing, and so on. Ice cream production, dairy products, conditioning food, industrial ice making, logistics cold storage, indoor sports venues and other industrial and commercial fields have created significant economic and social benefits.

In the future, Moon Environment will continue to adhere to the road of green development and innovative development, increase the implementation of HCFCs phase-out and transformation projects, and constantly reduce the consumption and use of HCFCs such as R22. In the HCFCs phase-out and transformation projects, the Moon Environment will continue to assume greater responsibility and play a greater role for China and even the world. The cause of environmental protection has made due contributions.
In addition, the second HCFCs phase-out and transformation project was signed in April 2016. The implementation goal of this demonstration project is to reduce the use of 381 tons of HCFCs. After the completion of the project, the total usage of HCFC-22 was directly reduced to 631 tons, accounting for 7.89% of the total HCFCs refrigerant phase-out in the first phase. At the same time, Moon Environment is the only enterprise in China that undertakes the United Nations demonstration project to phase out and transform the production line twice.

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